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There is nothing quite like parenthood. It is both an incredibly awesome and wildly challenging gift. The journey to parenthood is so individualized. So much apprehension, excitement, fear, and uncertainty accompany the waiting. Anticipating the arrival of this newest love seems like time is moving incredibly slowly, but at the same time shockingly quickly. As much as you may feel the push to prepare, there is no way to truly know what it feels like to be a parent until you become one.

The worry may get to you. You might let yourself visit the very scary land of “what ifs”. If you find yourself amongst the looming branches of this deep, dark forest, take a breath and notice. Simply be with this feeling without trying to do something about it. Then ask yourself these few questions:

– How does this serve me?
– What energy do I need more of to help me overcome this moment? (Maybe strength? Acceptance? Grace?)
– How would it feel like to harness that energy?
– With this new energy, what can I do now that I wasn’t able to before?
– As I embrace this energy, what can I let go of?

The new postpartum period is nothing short of demanding. Even in the most perfect of circumstances, being a new parent (no matter how many babies have come before this one) is freaking hard. With the unparalleled joy, pride, and gratitude may also come exhaustion, anxiety, despair, and wild uneasiness. Not only are you persevering as you heal from the hardest job your body may have ever done, but you are navigating this new adventure with someone you just met. You are so capable. Exactly the person for this job. No one is more equipped to rock this than you are.

Even with all of this being true, it is so easy to lose sight of who you are. As you settle into the day to day of this new life, you may recall you used to do other things. You used to have different priorities and feel differently. Let’s acknowledge that this version of you is new. This you is incredibly special, worthy, and powerful. At the same time, you are still the “you” you’ve known all this time. In reflection of who you are in this moment, a few questions to consider:

– What is most important to me about this moment in time?
– What am I most proud of as a new parent?
– Which part is my favorite about this new version of myself?
– What is one thing I can do today to honor myself?

Unfortunately, it’s not enough of a challenge to navigate this new gig as is. No doubt you’re bombarded with unending opinions on how to do this new job. Do it this way, not that way; do more, do less. My goodness. Parenthood is nothing short of a superhero’s job. You are a superhero, wherever you are now. Yep. Right now. The moral of this story is that parenthood is one of the greatest, most awesome experiences to exist. It also has the power to cause you to reexamine who the heck you are now.

While you are beyond capable of managing, please know you do not need to trudge through this ever-changing terrain alone. It is important for you, the one that so often holds things together, to have an opportunity to lean into someone else. A place to put down all the things you hold up, even just for a moment. I am passionate about helping to guide you to thrive (not just manage) through this period of discomfort, unimaginable joy, and inevitable uncertainty. The whole package is welcome here, exactly as you are. I am a family nurse practitioner, a proud mom of two, life coach, and founder of EK Coaching & Wellness. Exploring all parts of who you are can help center you in what’s truly important. You have a special identity as a parent. Coaching creates the space to connect with yourself, to discover this new identity, and to make choices that are aligned with your true self. I am here to hold space for you to be exactly who you are, to support you in navigating this new world, and guide you to realize what a superhero you are.



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