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AbbyBirth Doula, Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Therapist
Abby Inman is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in pelvic health. Through her experience in the clinic with patients, her own births, and teaching her childbirth education class, Labor like a Rockstar, it just seemed a natural addition to add birth support. Dr. Abby is trained in birth support by achieving a Certification in Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Therapy through the APTA-Academy of Pelvic Health. She is also a contributing author of Baby Got VBAC: A Collection of Wisdom for Better Birth After Cesarean and The Pelvic Floor which are great resources for expecting parents. She would be honored to be part of your birth team to welcome your little one!
AleciaBirth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Holistic Nutrionist, Yoga teacher
My name’s Alecia. I am a certified Birth + Postpartum Doula focusing on treating the body as a whole. As a Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor, my goal and passion is to help lead women in focusing on the mind body aspect when it comes to health. I became a Doula because I was seeing so many clients who were struggling to get pregnant and felt lost when they found out they were. At the time, I could only educate them in a nutritional sense. Later on, as I learned more and more about what Doulas can do and offer, I found my passion in that as well. I can be with clients throughout the entire pregnancy and after, providing nutritional support, physical support, and advocacy. I am excited to meet you and be alongside you on your journey!
AmandaBirth Doula, Placenta Encapsulation, Postpartum Doula, Lactation Support, Fertility Coach, Herbalist
I am a passionate and caring doula who enjoys empowering women and guiding families to have the wonderful birth experience they desire. I was trained by the widely known Dr. Amy Gilliland, owner of Doulaing the Doula and I hold various certifications surrounding pregnancy, labor /delivery/postpartum/fertility & herbalism . I also hold an associate’s degree in Health & Wellness which allows the implementation of overall wellness care into doula care. Being an informative, educated role model in the community gives me a chance to serve and educate families on childbirth options and the benefits of a birth doula. Birth is my passion and everyone deserves to be educated, informed and empowered during their birth journey.
AmandaBirth Doula
My passion in working with women and their partners is to contribute to the feeling of satisfaction and contentness after giving birth. There are no guarantees in childbirth but I wholeheartedly believe, if mom feels heard, supported regarding her preferences, and feels she has a choice, she will walk away feeling empowered; even if things did not unfold as planned. Childbirth is a transformative experience for all women and it is my desire to support women to foster a positive birth experience.
AshleyBirth Doula
My sole purpose and desire is to support women in creating the birth experience they want. After having two births of my own, one with and one without support, I felt called to help women feel safe and respected during the entire birth process.
AubreyBirth Doula, Placenta Encapsulation, Lactation training
At Milwaukee Doulas, we strive to support you to realize the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey you desire. We acknowledge that working with the entire birth team is crucial and support you with evidence-based information so you can make the decision right for you.
BrandiBirth Doula, Lactation consultant
My name is Brandi Jewell. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. I got pregnant at 18 years old & unfortunately wasn’t granted the right to make informed decisions about my body during my pregnancy, labor and delivery and even during postpartum. My goal is to use my misfortunes to help ensure birthing people feel empowered to use their voices to make informed decisions about their own bodies and babies. For the past ten years I have helped so many others learn about their bodies, connected them with resources, achieve their breastfeeding goals and feel empowered as an individual and in the birthing space. I am now a mother to three children and hopefully more in the near future! Improving maternal and child health is my ultimate goal. I do what I love and I love what I do!
CarlyBirth Doula
I came to be a doula after falling in love with birth during my own journey to motherhood. I believe birth is a sacred and transformative event, and how you feel about your birth matters. My goal as your doula is to help support whatever experience you desire for your birth. I want my mothers and families to feel safe, heard, and respected throughout the entire process. Through the prenatal relationship I will get to know you on an individual level and tailor my doula role to fit your unique experience, and to help you feel informed and empowered in the choices you make for yourself and your baby. I would love to get to know you more and support you on this unforgettable journey of meeting your baby!
GwenBirth Doula, Childbirth educator, Placenta encapsulation
I specialize in providing personalized support for you and your partner. I do this by encouraging communication throughout the pregnancy about your concerns, questions, and individual desires and preferences so that we can have a common goal of setting you up for the most positive and empowering birth experience possible, given each individual situation. I especially strive to help my client’s support person to feel knowledgeable and at ease with the birth process so they can be a calm and confident advocate.
KailaBirth Doula
My doula practice orbits around the belief that everyone deserves support and community during pregnancy and birth. I want to provide educational and emotional support to my clients during pregnancy and an undivided presence during labor. Labor is a rite of passage and I seek to treat it as sacred. I strive to make sure my clients feel seen, heard, and honored in their birthing experience. I lead with my intuition and always do my best to come from a place of love and respect for others.
Another way I contribute to the community is as a folk herbalist. I pair my herbal knowledge with my birth work to provide a service that honors each client’s unique being and honors that individual’s birth right to feel supported during their pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Birth is one of the most potent life experiences we’re offered – I want to hold space for that and honor the birth preferences of my clients.

MarthaBirth Doula, Bereavement Doula, Postpartum Doula, Lactation support, Placenta Encapsulation, Reiki
I’ve attended many births as a birth-worker: homebirth, hospital, birth center, lots of medically managed births including inductions, c-sections, long labors, premature birth, and more. I meet women where they are at, we explore your Truths, and then serve accordingly. I worked decades in the hospital system prior to this. I’m bluntly honest with my clients about the system. I work with medical managers as needed and translate medical language. I’m now enrolled in a Holistic Midwifery program.
MelissaBirth Doula, Reiki
I have been a birth worker since 2012 after having a great experience with our own doula during the birth of our 4th child. I took my first training in 2012 with DONA International. After working in our community for a few years, I took a sabbatical. During that time, I realized I genuinely cherish my work in the birth community. Wanting to return to this work, I took a second training in 2021 with Doulaing the Doula. I am passionate about offering Evidence-Based and culturally competent Care for all my clients. I am also a Master Reiki Practioner.
MichelleBirth Doula, Bereavement Doula, aromatherapy
I strives to always provide a personal approach to pregnancy and birthing. I aspire to be one of the most supportive members of your birthing team, to always advocate for mom/baby wishes and desires and to always help uplift, create and promote a positive alignment during labor, delivery and postpartum. My birth work journey started with the lack of knowledge, support and positive energy fields during my own pregnancy in 2015 which has motived and inspired me to be exactly what I needed, for all moms to come.
NatashaBirth Doula
The experience of birthing my own baby opened my eyes to the need for community in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum – starting with a birth team you trust. It is my goal to educate my clients using evidence-based research so they can make confident, informed decisions during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Whatever your birth preferences are, I support that 100%.
NatashaBirth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Spinning babies, Hypnobirthing
My passion has always been to support and care for others, from educating, taking in foster children, and most importantly here, supporting women during one of the most vulnerable and special times in her life. I believe birth rights are human rights and incredible things happen when a birthing person is treated with the care and compassion they deserve. Everyone deserves to be educated, supported, and encouraged during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, and I am honored to be part of your journey.
SarahBirth Doula
My passion is to help women believe again in the beautifully designed partnership between their own and baby’s bodies to achieve the miracle of birth, whether at home, hospital, or birthing center. Whatever challenges arise in the process, I promise to give calm, creative, and uplifting care to both mother and partner. Whether prenatal, during labor, or postpartum, I will provide mothers with information and resources to the best of my ability so that they may be confident, energized, and proud of their decisions.
StephanieBirth Doula, Postpartum Doula
Stephanie believes that all individuals are deserving of informed, mother-led perinatal care. Her major objective as a doula is to help mothers connect to their innate, individual seed of truth by supporting their specific birth and postpartum needs and empowering them in their new phase of life. It’s nothing short of sacred to support pregnant people while they surrender to the birth process and postpartum transition. This portal – potent with waves of becoming and the shedding of past selves – is the rawest form of human power and tenderness.
TonyaBirth Doula, Postpartum Doula
I became a certified birth doula (Well-Rounded Maternity) in 2018 and a (CAPPA) certified postpartum doula the following year. I am also a Hypnobabies trained Hypno-doula. As a doula I love building a relationship with my clients so that I can encourage and support them in a way that is most helpful for their particular wants and needs. Bringing a baby into the world is a beautiful adventure and it is an honor and privilege to be a part of it.

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